Compression Spring Technologies

  • Wire diameter range:0.03-6.0mm

    Wire diameter range:0.03-6.0mm

  • Variable Rate

    Variable Rate

  • Precise end squareness & parallelism

    Precise end squareness & parallelism

  • Squareness underload

    Squareness underload

Compression springs offer a force when the spring is compressed axially.We manufacture custom compression springs to your exact specifications – for either static or dynamic applications. We offer complete downstream capabilities such as grinding, shot peening, heat setting, color indentification and corrosion protection. 

There are literally thousands of configurations of compression springs for a wide range of applications, so choosing the right partner is important. Let our team show you the UNION profession.

We manufacture the following types of compression springs:


• Cylindrical, Conical

• Hourglass, Barrel Shaped

• Open or Closed Ends

• Linear or Variable Rate

Materials used such as:


• Piano, carbon steel

• Stainless steel

• Phosphor Bronze

• Oil-hardening

• Others


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