Tension Spring

Tension Spring Technologies

  • Wire diameter range:0.06-2.5mm

    Wire diameter range:0.06-2.5mm

  • Small index / High initial tension

    Small index / High initial tension

  • Precise load control

    Precise load control

  • All kinds of hook shapes

    All kinds of hook shapes

Extension springs offer resistance to a pulling force. UNION produces custom extension springs that are long lasting and reliable – to your exact specifications. Springs with ends that are hooked, looped or with special shapes – we are equipped with the latest technology in which most end configurations can be produced with just one unique process.

There are literally thousands of configurations for a wide range of applications and UNION® can fulfill your requirement by high efficiency.

Materials used such as:


• Piano, carbon steel

• Stainless steel 

• Phosphor Bronze

• Oil-hardening

• Others

Pls don't hesitate to contact with us any time and we will show you UNION is your best choice for own custom extension springs.

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